Our staff are college students with big dreams. We want to help them achieving their dreams by appreciating enough for them to save during their time working with us. So when they leave us because they are closer to their dreams, we are extremely happy even though that also means we have to search for new hires.

You have big dreams to achieve and need proper income within at least a year?

Please apply if you meet the qualifications below:

  1. Male, single
  2. Not older than 28 years old
  3. College students are encouraged to apply
  4. Animal lover
  5. Honest
  6. Diligent
  7. Keen to learn
  8. Hygienic
  9. Dynamic
  10. Communicative and witty both in English and Indonesian language
  11. Friendly and open-minded
  12. Interested in traveling and meeting new people
  13. Able to work in a team
  14. Willing to honor a 1-year-commitment
  15. Having any experience in staying or working in hostels abroad would be an advantage

Job description:

Attending our global guests and maintaining the cleanliness of our property. You'll be talking, talking, talking in English with our guests; and cleaning, cleaning, and cleaning.

How your life is going to change:

  1. You get to practice your English everyday, be ready to be fluent.
  2. 8-hour shift a day, you'll be busy and tired. Make sure your girlfriend(s) is okay with it.
  3. 1 day off in a week.
  4. Average salary is higher than minimum wage in Sleman. Make sure you are ready to manage your money wisely.

Please don’t apply if:

  1. Mommy, Daddy, and girlfriend are ashamed to know their son (and boyfriend) working and earning money from cleaning.
  2. Mommy, Daddy, and girlfriend request you to be with them on National Holiday; because when people are on holiday, we are not.
  3. You don't meet the requirements mentioned above.

This position is only for independent-mature-responsible-determined-decisive college students who possess mental toughness.

Are you cool enough to be in our team?

Send your English version of Application Letter + CV + recent proper photograph in PDF format to with Subject: St-App


  •  Free WiFi in common areas
  •  Luggage room
  •  Kitchen
  •  Laundromat
  •  Gazebo
  •  Air-conditioned room
  •  En-suite bathroom
  •  Hot & cold shower
  •  Free parking
  •  Bicycle friendly